“Baby Boomers Guide is a cutting-edge program discussing most relevant topics of an ageing society. The program is not only extremely informative, but also has that personal touch that the hosts and guest bring.”
Prof Andrea Maier, MD PhD FRACP, Centre for Healthy Longevity (CHL), National University Health System, Chair @AgeGlobal

“Lex and Patricia tackle the difficult yet important topics in their Baby Boomers Guide in a sensitive and informed way- it was a pleasure to participate in the program.”
Professor Marita McCabe, Health and Ageing Research Group, Swinburne University

“Congratulations to Baby Boomers Guide for tackling the big issues that are important to senior Australians. I enjoyed the chance to chat with Lex and Patricia about voluntary assisted dying laws in Australia and the choices that might be available to us as we approach the end of life.”
Professor Lindy Willmott, Australian Centre for Health Law Research, QUT

“Baby Boomers Guide takes an innovative and thoughtful look at the needs, aspirations, and lifestyles of senior Australians. It was a pleasure to be a guest on the show and long may it continue to play such an important role.”
Heather Ewart, Presenter, ABC Backroads

 “Lex and Patricia were kind and we shared many laughs as we talked about what Baby Boomers like us have to deal with as we age. Thank you both for chatting with me on your show. And I hope that your message goes out to many…. “
Marcia Hines, Vocalist, TV Personality

“I had a great time chatting to Lex and Patricia on the Baby Boomers Guide. They skilfully and genially evoked many great memories, and the show is to be greatly commended for celebrating and exploring the concerns of our generation.” David Williamson AO, Australian Playwright

“Patricia and Lex do a great job digging a bit deeper into the issues affecting older Australians. So often the media only touches the surface, but the Baby Boomers Guide does an excellent job in giving lived experience and expert opinion to be expressed.”
Paul Versteege, Policy Manager, Combined Pensioners & Superannuants Association