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S3 E25: Season Finale – Decade of Healthy Ageing

A panel discussion on the Decade of Healthy Ageing with Yumi Lee, Craig Gear and Prof Lee-Fay Low, is followed by a highlights package of season 3.

S3 E24: Boomer Era Migrants

Leading into International Migrants Day we hear narratives from three different perspectives – Dr Alexandra Dellios author and cultural historian, singer and entertainer Kamahl, and asylum-seeker volunteer Geraldine Butler.

S3 E23: Hearing the Indigenous Voice

Thomas Mayo, author of Finding The Heart of The Nation, talks about the Indigenous Voice to Parliament. He speaks with passion and clarity about the needs and motivation for the Voice. And we talk about art with painter Salvatore Zofrea.

S3 E22: Demystifying Costs of Aged Care Homes

Services Australia’s Justin Bott explains costs of Aged Care homes and in Nostalgia Town, we meet the remarkable Ron McCallum AO. Australia’s first blind professor, he went on to become Dean of Sydney University’s Law School and chair the United Nations Committee on the rights of the disabled.

S3 E21: Matriarchs of News Media & 90 Years of ABC

Two of this country’s leading  media identities – the ABC’s Geraldine Doogue and the Sydney Morning Herald’s Kate McClymont join Lex and Patricia in this captivating episode.

S3 E20: Hoarding Can Kill You!

Prof Jessica Grisham talks about hoarding disorder and Elizabeth Farrelly discusses her love-hate relationship with Sydney.