Are you a hoarder? Is hoarding an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? Can hoarding really kill you?

With us to answer those question and more is Prof Jessica Grisham an international authority on hoarding disorder. She talks about the psychology of hoarding and identifies the types of people who are most vulnerable to the disorder.

Professor at the University of NSW’s School of Psychology, Jessica is Editor of the British Journal of Clinical Psychology. She treats people experiencing OCD and hoarding.

Jeff’s Cafe visitors, representing three generations, converse on the topic of hoarding and how it impacts their lives.

In Nostalgia Town Dr Elizabeth Farrelly – columnist, essayist, novelist and critic – discusses her life and passions. (Pictured)

Trained in architecture, science and philosophy, Elizabeth is fascinated by how humans engage with nature to make culture. Over thirty years, her Sydney Morning Herald column on urbanism, planning, planting, climate, politics and public art saw city-making go from back-page news to headline material.

Author of Killing Sydney, Elizabeth talks about the city’s failure to value its own heritage and, conversely, the many reasons she can’t leave the charismatic city she loves.

In Money Extra Noel Whittaker AM answers concerns over superannuation performance in financially uncertain times. He addresses questions about risk and whether seniors should consider more conservative investments.

In Steppin’ Out, we’re spanning a broad area of New South Wales with Vivian Shenker, board member and presenter at 2RPH.

The radio station offers a reading service catering to the print handicapped. It is heard in Sydney, Newcastle, Lower Hunter, Wollongong and the Illawarra.

Before retiring, and joining the station as a volunteer, Vivian spent some thirty years as a journalist and presenter for ABC and SBS. She hosted Insight on SBS television and presented ABC’s Radio National Breakfast.

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