Cecily Michael, Meredith Burgmann and Alice Mantel

S2, E8: Technology & Ageing in Australia

Today we speak with Cecily Michael from Leep – Understanding Technology. Leep builds digital literacy in communities experiencing disadvantage, and Cecily talks to Lex about Technology & Ageing in Australia. Then Faye, Joseph, and Lorne talk together about this on the Punters’ Panel.

On Nostalgia Town Lex speaks with Meredith Burgmann, who as a young woman was the very public face of Australians opposed to Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War. Meredith went on to become the president of the NSW Legislative Council for eight years.

On Your Two Cents Worth, Patricia speaks with Alice Mantel about Power of Attorney and Enduring Power of Attorney.


S1, E11: Technology & Ageing

Today in Episode 11 of The Baby Boomers’ Guide to Life in the 21st Century we discuss Technology & Ageing with Claire Mason from the CSIRO – Data 61, and then two local older people who discuss how this affects them in their lives on ‘The Punters’ Panel’.

Later in the episode in ‘Nostalgia Town’, we speak with former Victorian and Australian parliamentarian, former federal Minister for Science, and ultra-champion of BP Pick-a-Box, Barry Jones about his formative cultural experiences. And in a break from the usual format, Barry talks about ‘Stendahl Syndrome’.

And finally we listen again to an interview with the Inner West Council Joint Senior Citizen of the Year, Jude Stoddart, about ageing and volunteering at the Asylum Seeker Centre in Newtown’.