Christine David from IT 4 Retirees speaks about the challenges and rewards of catching up with technology in our senior years.

The ‘digital divide’ cut deeply during COVID restrictions. The ‘haves’ were able to connect with loved ones on screens, shop online, check-in to venues on smartphones, and access digital medical services. The ‘have-nots’ endured more because of lack of digital connection, and for many them, that became a driver for giving technology a go.

Getting started is not so easy for those without friends or family who can teach the ins and outs of using devices. But, there are a growing number of services to help seniors get connected – both government and private – free and fee-paying. Local libraries are among the organisations that run computer classes.

We talk about those services in this episode, and more can be found on our website.

Guests in Jeff’s Cafe this week include the esteemed Dr Kay Patterson, Australia’s Age Discrimination Commissioner. She is joined by listeners Laurelin and Eloise to discuss the digital divide.

In Nostalgia Town, we meet Margret RoadKnight. Renowned for her powerful vocals and wide-ranging roots-based repertoire, Margret is a multi award winning singer-guitarist who has thrived for decades outside the mainstream music scene. She has sung blues, jazz, gospel, folk, comedy, and is known for social commentary through music.

In challenging financial times, how do you best manage and safeguard your investments? Financial coach Marc Bineham talks to us for Money Extra and promotes the advantages of diversifying.

For Steppin’ Out we head to NSW’s Sapphire Coast to chat with Liz Bellette-Stubbs – the presenter of Rural Chat on 2SEA-FM. When Liz moved to the far south coast five years ago, retirement was top of mind. But, when the catastrophic Black Summer bushfires hit in December 2019, her experience in mental health became a vital asset to assist members of a devastated and heart-broken community.

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