Catherine Haslam, John Hewson and Paul Versteege

S2 E17: Social Connections & Ageing

Today Lex speaks with Professor Catherine Haslam about the importance of social connections as we age. Then Jude, Mike & Trish chat together about this at Jeff’s Cafe.

On Nostalgia Town, Patricia speaks with Australian political figure John Hewson about growing up in Carlton in Sydney and how deeply his family support the Dragons.

On Your Two Cents Worth, Lex & Patricia speak with Paul Versteege who reminds us that as we age, it is sometimes wiser to spend than save.

Barbara O'neill, Geraldine Doogue and Christine David

S2, E4: Aboriginality & Ageing

On today’s episode of Baby Boomers Guide to Life in the 21st Century, we speak with Barbara O’Neill, an Indigenous Trauma and Recovery Practitioner, working in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. Then, Beverly, Faye and Lyn talk about how this affects them in their daily lives.

Then on Nostalgia Town, Lex speaks with Australian Television and Radio Legend, Geraldine Doogue, who tells us about growing up in Western Australia, and about her years in journalism. Geraldine also shares her secrets to ageing well.

And on Your Two Cents Worth, Lex and Patricia speak with Christine David, Founder of IT for Retirees about ‘On-line Shopping’.

John Snowdon

S1, E7: Depression, Anxiety & Ageing

Today in Episode 7 of The Baby Boomers’ Guide to Life in the 21st Century we discuss Anxiety, Depression & Ageing with Sydney psychiatrist Professor John Snowdon and specialist in psychiatry of ageing, and then two local older people who will discuss how this affects them in their lives on ‘The Punters’ Panel’.

Later in the episode we speak with Australian Olympian, former NSW parliamentarian and local larrikin, Dawn Fraser, about her formative cultural experiences growing up in Balmain in ‘Nostalgia Town’.

And finally we speak with Terrie Leoleos about ‘Speak My Language’, an Australia-wide community radio project for older Australians in up to 70 community languages for up to 400 community radio stations around Australia, run jointly by the Ethnic Communities Council and SBS.