In this episode, we’re joined by Professor Claudia Baldwin who talks about the challenges of adapting to climate change and how the effects are most acutely felt by the most vulnerable people in society.

She discusses practical planning methods to deal with the changing climate.

In Nostalgia Town, we welcome show biz royalty – the inspirational Toni Lamond – singer, actress, cabaret performer and comedian. (Pictured)

Then, we get  serious in Money Extra, when Alice Mantel tells us all things we should do be doing with our Wills.

In Jeff’s Café we meet Guy, Karen and Cheryl Kernot – representatives from the Gen Z,  Gen X and Boomer generations. They talk about this week’s theme and the battle to adapt to climate change.

Anne Conway OAM is our special guest in Steppin’ Out. Anne is a presenter at Phoenix FM 106.7 in Bendigo Victoria.  She was a founding member of the station which presents various genres of music, ethnic broadcasting, Indigenous broadcast, LGBT community interests, youth shows, and specialised topics.  She is heavily involved in celebrating indigenous culture in Bendigo. A former singer, Anne had a long-running showcase at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, was inducted into the city’s Hands of Fame in 1997 and won a number of awards. Radiotherapy affected her voice and ended her singing career.




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