“Ageism is not something we have to accept, but it’s not going to end unless we do something about it.”  Those sentiments from advocacy campaigner Joel Pringle of EveryAGECounts, are the focal point for this episode’s conversation. Joel talks about what we can all do to combat prejudices that affect everything from people’s ability to secure work, to equality in health care services.

Three generations come together in Jeff’s Café where listeners Lucille, Laurelyn and Lachie discuss their own experiences of ageism, which 83 percent of us agree is a problem that spans all age groups.

In Nostalgia Town the legendary country and folk singer-songwriter, John Williamson AM talks about his special connection to the Australian bush which he has celebrated in music for more than fifty years. Best-known for his hit “True Blue”, Williamson has sold in-excess of 4 million albums.

Buying and selling shares comes under scrutiny in Money Extra when Rachel Waterhouse, CEO of the Australian Shareholders Association joins us to talk about the keys to smart investing.

A formidable voice in independent broadcasting, Lol Winchcomb joins us from Perth’s Capital Community Radio 101.7FM for Steppin’ Out.  A founder of the station, which is dedicated to seniors, Lol works with an army of volunteeres and each week their programs are heard by some 200,000 listeners. Lol’s own program, Swingin’ Down the Lane is dedicated to the golden years of radio and film. Her first  experience behind the mic was for the Royal Flying Doctors service in Kalgoorlie.





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