Nostalgia Town: Golden Moments

Presenters Patricia “Little Pattie” Amphlett and Lex Marinos were tickled pink by the who’s who of amazing guests that graced the show in 2021.  Executive Producer, Jeff Furolo headed to the edit suite to bring you golden moments that will make you laugh and cry.

In this Nostalgia Town retrospective, you’ll hear from iconic Aussies and luminaries of the arts world including – David Williamson, Ken Done, Andrew Denton, Tom Keneally, Kathy Lette, Marcia Hines, Meredith Burgmann, Sir Peter Cosgrove, Red Symons, Heather Ewart, Jenny Kee, Linda Burney, Tim Costello, Shayne Gould, Cheryl Kernot, John Hewson and Kathryn Greiner.

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