Marcia Hines, Fiona Balzer and Andrea Balzer

S2 E30: Longevity

Today Lex & Patricia speak with Professor Andrea Maier about longevity. Then Brian, Mike & Trish chat together about this in Jeff’s Cafe.

In Nostalgia Town, we speak with award-winning singer Marcia Hines, who came to Australia aged 16 to perform in Hair.

On Your Two Cents Worth, Lex & Patricia speak with Fiona Balzer from the Australian Shareholders Association on ’Shares 101’.

Mick Dodson, Andrea Maier and Kathryn Greiner

S2 E13: Covid & Ageing in Australia

Today, Lex & Patricia speak with Gerontologist and researcher Professor Andrea Maier about Covid & Ageing in Australia. Then Barbara, Karen & Trish chat together about this at Jeff’s Cafe.

On Nostalgia Town, Lex speaks with Northern Territory Treaty Commissioner and 2009 Australian of the Year, Mick Dodson, who talks about being orphaned at 10, and only later connecting with his Indigenous roots.

On Your Two Cents Worth, Lex and Patricia speak with Retirement Village Ambassador Kathryn Greiner about the costs of retirement village living.