ean Kittson, Justin Bott and Carole Cusack

S2 E16: Religion, Spirituality & Ageing

Today Lex & Patricia speak with Professor Carole Cusack about Religion, Spirituality & Ageing. Then Joseph, Marie-Christine & Trish chat together about this at Jeff’s Cafe.

On Nostalgia Town, Lex & Patricia speak with Australian Comedy icon Jean Kittson about growing up in seaside Victoria and of her admiration for emerging Australian comedians.

On Your Two Cents Worth, Lex and Patricia speak with Justin Bott about Grandparent Advisors.

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Carole Cusack

S1, E4: Religion & Spirituality As We Age

Today in Episode 4 of The Baby Boomers’ Guide to Life in the 21st Century we discuss Religion, Spirituality & Ageing with Carole Cusack, Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Sydney, and then two local older people who will  discuss how this affects them in their lives on ‘The Punters’ Panel’.

Later in the episode we speak with Linda Burney, Australia’s first Aboriginal woman to be elected to Australian House of representatives, about her formative cultural experiences growing up in regional NSW in a segment called ‘Nostalgia Town’.

And finally we speak with the Inner West Council’s Healthy Ageing Programs Supervisor, Mary Ciantar, who spoke to us on ‘Out & About’, where she tells us what’s on in the Inner West for older people. [This material is now out of date and has been removed].