What Are Your Rights in Aged Care?

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission explains that Charter of Aged Care Rights (the Charter) is a requirement of the Aged Care Act 1997. It describes your legislated rights as a consumer of a Government-subsidised aged care service. These rights apply to all consumers, regardless of the type of care and services they receive.

The Charter makes it easy for you, as well as your family, carer or representative, to understand what should be expected from the care and services you receive from your aged care provider.

Provider responsibilities

Your provider must help you to understand the Charter and give you a copy that they have signed. You can choose to also sign the Charter to acknowledge that your provider has given you a copy and helped you to understand:

  • your rights about the services you receive
  • your rights under the Charter.

You do not have to sign the Charter. You can start or continue to receive care and services even if you choose not to sign it.

Charter of Aged Care Rights

As someone who receives aged care and services, I have the right to:

  1. safe and high-quality care and services
  2. be treated with dignity and respect
  3. have my identity, culture and diversity valued and supported
  4. live without abuse and neglect
  5. be informed about my care and services in a way I understand
  6. access all information about myself, including information about my rights, care and services
  7. have control over and make choices about my care, and personal and social life, including where the choices involve personal risk
  8. have control over, and make decisions about, the personal aspects of my daily life, financial affairs and possessions
  9. my independence
  10. be listened to and understood
  11. have a person of my choice, including an aged care advocate, support me or speak on my behalf
  12. complain free from reprisal, and to have my complaints dealt with fairly and promptly
  13. personal privacy and to have my personal information protected
  14. exercise my rights without it adversely affecting the way I am treated.

For further information on Charter, please see the User Rights Amendment (Charter of Aged Care Rights) Principles 2019 and the User Rights Principles 2014.

Aged Care Quality Standards

All providers of aged care are required to comply with the Aged Care Quality Standards (Quality Standards), which provides sets out the requirements of quality and safety in services.

The Charter of Aged Care Rights (Charter) is a commitment by providers to uphold the Quality Standards through the Charter’s consumer rights.


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