It’s no surprise that most of us want to age at home and live as independently as possible.

But many people will need varying degrees of assistance to achieve that, whether that’s from family members or service providers who come to your home.

So how can we get support at home, and how much will it cost?

Heidri Brook from the Aged Care Advocacy Network (OPAN) explains the two mains kinds of support for people living at home.

The Commonwealth Home Support Program, CHSP, is for people needing one or two services, for example gardening, house cleaning or help with food preparation. It’s subsidised by the government, so you pay a contribution, usually around $11 per hour.

Following an Aged Care Assessment you may be eligible for an Aged Care Package which is offered at different levels, from one to four, for more comprehensive care.

You will have an income assessment to determine how much you pay for these services. For example at Level one, you pay around $25 while the government contributes around $250 per fortnight. How much you pay depends on your financial situation. There is also a cap, so once that is reached, no further fees are payable.

You can go to My Aged Care or speak with the Older Person’s Advocacy Network to find out more. You can call them on 1800 700 600.

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